Current Projects

NEW! We Day will be held in Saskatoon this February 27, 2013! Details to come.

Me to We

This fall, the Davidson students who initiated a project to help build a school in Kenya will be in their Grade 12 year. Although they did participate in a live feed to a We Day event years ago (the only school in Saskatchewan to do so at that time), they never got to attend a We Day event.

It is proposed that students initiate a project to be completed in the 2012-13 school year, and attend We Day in either Calgary or Winnipeg in October 2012.

The next step is to determine interest, organize a committee of students, and begin planning. Potential participants are a team of Davidson students from Grades 6-12, or small groups of students leaders from representative schools throughout the Sun West School Division.

Davidson School has registered for We Day in Winnipeg on October 30, 2012 at MTS Centre. 45 tickets are set aside, but Reports 1 and 2 must be submitted.

-We Day site
We Day FAQs
-We Day Schools and Registration (now open!)
-We Day Photo Contest

-Adopt a Village Program
-Information on upcoming projects in Haiti by Free the Children

Garden Project

Students came up with a winning green project that was selected by the community from an initiative started by the town and a local business. Although the project won, there was a year delay in follow-up and support to make the project happen.

In 2011-2012, they were finally able to make it happen, building 6 raised garden boxes in the school yard and planting them with a variety of vegetables and fruit bushes.

Thank you to Davidson School, Davidson SRC and Cargill for funding and in-kind support, and Biophilia for the donation of bedding plants.

Some other resources considered for funding:
Toyote Evergreen Grant for Food Gardens(up to $3500)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Toyota Evergreen Grant (next deadline: June 1, 2012)
Eco-friendly Sask Grant (up to $500), monthly application

NOTE: In learning about healthy and sustainable food, we have found out about geodesic dome greenhouses. An example of a school that has its own 33' geodesic dome greenhouse is LCHS, an Alberta school with a student group that has done some amazing projects, including getting solar panels for the roof of the school!.

Helping Haiti

After months of consideration, Grade 5 students at Davidson School became interested in raising funds to help people in Haiti, who are still struggling to recover from the effects of earthquake that hit January 2010. They planned to hold a toy and book sale, to be help in the Elementary Library. Their initial goal was to raise $300 to go toward needed shelters.

On January 12, exactly 2 years since the earthquake struck, they heard a podcast on CBC radio about Broken Wings Missions. They were impressed, and would like to learn more to see if this would be a suitable organization for them to support.

The students organized a toy sale at the school, and one student held an additional bake sale. In total, the students raised over $660. An additional highlight was a visit to the school by Saskatchewan author Peter Eyvindson and his friend Bill Nathan, who spoke about their work and experiences in Haiti.


In late 2011, Grade 5 students at Davidson School expressed interest in helping to address the famine in East Africa. They have heard about people starving in Somalia, and that it is a huge disaster. They do not have a plan at this time on what they can do. They also know there are other people still struggling with disasters such as the people of Haiti and Japan, as well as many others.

World Food Day this year was October 16. An interesting article to read is World Food Day - Addressing Hunger Around the Globe.

Other Current Projects

Take Me Outside Day: Check out the Take Me Outside website.

Also, October 25 is Take Me Outside Day; an excuse to make a special effort to GET OUTSIDE, if you need one.